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Hereford Herd Sires

KCF Bennett Trust B279

Owned with Porter Claxton
Semen $35/straw, certificates $50

BEHM 100w cuda 504c

Semen $25/straw, certificates $50
Owned with Larry & Logan Behm and Select Sires

KCF Bennett Resolve G595

Resolve G595 was the $42,500 high selling bull in the December 2020 bull sale to a group of progressive breeders in New Zealand. He is seeing heavy use at KCF in 2021.
Semen $40/straw, Certificates $50

KCF Bennett Noble D367

Owned with Ochsner Herefords
Semen $30/straw, certificates $50

KCF Bennett Homeward C776

Owned with W&A Herefords, Tommy Mead and Candy Meadows Farm

KCF Bennett Devout B716

Owned with Joe Waggoner
Semen $30/straw, certificates $50

KCF Bennett Bedford E177

Owned with Paul and Bette Slayton
Semen $40/straw, certificates $50

KCF Bennett Gateway F391

Semen $30/straw, certificates $50

KCF Bennett Provident B284

Owned with Drummond Sparks Beef    

KCF Bennett Relevant D67

Owned with Jim and Joel Birdwell.


Owned with Tom Luthy

KCF Bennett 504C F33

Owned with Sukraw Herefords
Semen $25/straw, certificates $40

KCF Bennett Encore Z311

Semen $30/straw, certificates $60

KCF Bennett Revolution X51

Co-owned with Walker Polled Herefords
Contact Knoll Crest for semen. $30/straw $50/certificate

KCF Bennett homeland c34

Owned with ST Genetics
Contact ST for semen

R Landmark 4386

Owned with Rausch Herefords

KCF Bennett Bloodline A260

Owned with Dennis and Heather Birdsall

KCF Bennett Acclaim C442

Owned with ABS

KCF Bennett Summit B261

Co-owned with Accelerated Genetics and Upstream Ranch


Co-owned with Innisfail Farm, Gary Hedrick, Still River Ranch and Gov. Roy Barnes

RST 0124 Times A Wastin 2107

Co-owned with Accelerated Genetics

KCF Bennett Influence Z80

Co-owned with Express Ranches

KCF Bennett Strategy Z303

Co-owned with GENEX and Topp Herefords

KCF Bennett 9126J R294

Co-owned with ABS, Doug Gerber, Dan Kniffen and 5R Cattle Co

KCF Bennett 9126J S100

Co-owned with Accelerated Genetics

KCF Bennett Harland X337

Co-owned with Chuck Miller's Rosecrest Farm and Jeremiah Malone

KCF Bennett X51 Z417

Co-owned with Jeff Sullivan and Mill Creek Ranches

KCF Bennett 3008 M326

Co-owned with Sandhill Farms, Loewen Herefords and Hidden Oaks Ranch

KCF Bennett 774 R413

Co-owned with Select Sires and Iron Lake Ranch

KCF Bennett 10H S252

Co-owned with ABS and Spencer Herefords

EFBEEF Foremost U208

Co-owned with Accelerated Genetics, Ellis Farms, and Art Linton