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Hereford Herd Sires

KCF Bennett Homeward C776

Owned with W&A Herefords, Tommy Mead and Candy Meadows Farm
Semen $40, certificates $50

BEHM 100w cuda 504c

Semen $25/straw, certificates $50
Owned with Larry &Logan Behm

KCF Bennett Noble D367

Owned with Ochsner Herefords
Semen $30, certificates $60

KCF Bennett Trust B279

Owned with Porter Claxton
Semen $50/straw, certificates $60

KCF Bennett Devout B716

Owned with Joe Waggoner
Semen $30/straw, certificates $50

KCF Bennett Bedford E177

Owned with Paul and Bette Slayton
Semen $40/straw, certificates $50

KCF Bennett Provident B284

Owned with Drummond Sparks Beef    

KCF Bennett Relevant D67

Owned with Jim and Joel Birdwell.

KCF Bennett 504C F33

Owned with Sukraw Herefords
Semen $25/straw, certificates $40

KCF Bennett Encore Z311

Semen $30/straw, certificates $60

KCF Bennett Revolution X51

Co-owned with Walker Polled Herefords
Contact Knoll Crest for semen. $30/straw $50/certificate

KCF Bennett homeland c34

Owned with ST Genetics
Contact ST for semen


Owned with Tom Luthy

R Landmark 4386

Owned with Rausch Herefords

KCF Bennett Bloodline A260

Owned with Dennis and Heather Birdsall

KCF Bennett Acclaim C442

Owned with ABS

KCF Bennett Summit B261

Co-owned with Accelerated Genetics and Upstream Ranch


Co-owned with Innisfail Farm, Gary Hedrick, Still River Ranch and Gov. Roy Barnes

RST 0124 Times A Wastin 2107

Co-owned with Accelerated Genetics

KCF Bennett Influence Z80

Co-owned with Express Ranches

KCF Bennett Strategy Z303

Co-owned with GENEX and Topp Herefords

KCF Bennett 9126J R294

Co-owned with ABS, Doug Gerber, Dan Kniffen and 5R Cattle Co

KCF Bennett 9126J S100

Co-owned with Accelerated Genetics

KCF Bennett Harland X337

Co-owned with Chuck Miller's Rosecrest Farm and Jeremiah Malone

KCF Bennett X51 Z417

Co-owned with Jeff Sullivan and Mill Creek Ranches

KCF Bennett 3008 M326

Co-owned with Sandhill Farms, Loewen Herefords and Hidden Oaks Ranch

KCF Bennett 774 R413

Co-owned with Select Sires and Iron Lake Ranch

KCF Bennett 10H S252

Co-owned with ABS and Spencer Herefords

EFBEEF Foremost U208

Co-owned with Accelerated Genetics, Ellis Farms, and Art Linton